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You can change the volume of data the accounts receivable and payable information systems supply for your evaluations. To do this, you must modify the selection variant for the data retrieval program.

You must change the data volume if:


Selection variants and the selection criteria belonging to them are defined in Customizing (see Creating and Changing a Selection Variant for the Data Retrieval Program).


If you need to change the data volume, proceed from the Accounts receivable or payable menu as follows:

  1. Choose Information system ® Tools ® Configure ® Specify data volume.
  2. Select the data retrieval variant you want to change.
  3. Choose Maintain variant .
  4. On the following screen, the program name and the name of the selection variant you selected are displayed.

  5. Choose Variants ® Change ® Change values or Change attributes.
  6. Change the selection criteria predefined using the Customizing functions.
  7. Save your entries.


You have changed the volume of data for your evaluations using selection variants.