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You wish to display the evaluations for Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) analyses. The display options are explained using the "country" grouping criterion at "group" level.


Initial Screen for DSO Analysis

On the initial screen for DS0 analysis, the system displays the following values per country or country keys:

In the Balance column, you see the average outstanding debts for the month end of the period you select (= open items in the customer accounts).

In this column, you see the average sales for the period you select.

Here you see the number of the days the customer took to clear an invoice. For the calculation of the DSO days, the balances are set against the sales. The DSO days are calculated with the following formula:

DSO = Balance/sales per period x 30

Displaying Further Evaluations

From the initial screen, you can access the following evaluations:

    1. Place the cursor on a country.
    2. Choose Edit ® Top n customers .

From here you can branch to the line item display for each customer.

To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Place the cursor on a customer.
  2. Choose Edit ® Line item display.