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When you maintain evaluation types, you enter a key for the corresponding evaluation view and account type in the same way as you define evaluation views.


You create evaluation types in the Define Evaluations activity in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Accounts Receivable and Payable. For more information on this topic see the documentation for this activity.


When creating new evaluation types, you can also use the copying function. This function enables you to copy existing entries, such as the evaluation view and account type, to the evaluation type you are defining. This option saves time when you specify new evaluation types.

To use the copying option to specify new evaluation types, proceed as follows:

  1. On the overview screen, select the entry from which you want to copy data.
  2. Choose Edit ® Copy as.
  3. Only overwrite the data that has to be changed.
  4. Press ENTER .
  5. The new evaluation type is displayed on the overview screen.

  6. Save your entries.


You have defined a new evaluation type.

Further Information

You can delete evaluation types that have already been specified by selecting them on the overview screen and then choosing Edit ® Delete.