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Procedure documentation Creating and Changing a Selection Variant for the Data Retrieval Program  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The second step in creating evaluation views is to create or change the selection variants for the data retrieval program. You can enter and save the values you always need for evaluations as selection criteria under a selection variant. You create a selection variant for each evaluation view.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria you can specify in a selection variant can be divided into two groups:

        Database selections

Here you specify, for example, which customer or vendor accounts or which company codes the program should select. You can also exclude particular accounts or company codes from the selection.

        Key date of the evaluation

You specify the key date of the evaluation (“open items at key date”). You can also work with variables. 

To do this, choose Edit Continue on the selection screen. Select the Variable field name for the Open items at key date attribute, and choose the Selection variables button. Using the possible entries help, choose Date as the variable type. Using the possible entries help again, choose the variable name.

        Program selections

If you specify country keys, for example, the program retrieves all customers or vendors of a particular country or countries from the FI database.


To define or change a selection variant for limiting the volume of data that is retrieved, proceed as follows:


       1.      To create a new selection variant or change an existing one, select a specific evaluation view on the overview screen.

       2.      Choose Environment Maintain variant.

On the following screen, the program name and the name of the selection variant you selected are displayed.

To create a new variant, enter a different variant name.

       3.      Choose Variants Createor Variants Change Change values or attributes.

       4.      Enter your selection criteria or change the existing entries.

If you want to create a new variant and use variables for specific values, choose Edit Continue and then select the fields you want to use variables for. Then choose Selection variables.

       5.      Save your variant by choosing Variant Save.


You have created a selection variant for the data retrieval program.

Additional information

For more information on creating selection variants see Getting Started with the SAP System in the SAP Library.




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