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Procedure documentation Setting a Payment Block  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

  1. On the Change Customer: Initial Screen or the Change Vendor: Initial Screen enter the customer or vendor number and the company code for which the block is valid.

Choose Enter. The Change Customer: General Data tab appears.

Choose Company code data. The Change Customer: Company Code Data tab appears.

Choose the tab page Payment transactions.

Select the Payment transactions view in the Company code data section of the screen and choose Enter.

The Change Vendor: Payment Transactions Accounting screen appears.

  1. Set the blocking key in the Payment block field in the Automatic payment transactions field group.
  1. Save. The payment block for one company code is effective as soon as it is set.
  1. If you have assigned a business partner to more than one company code, repeat steps one to three to block the business partner for individual company codes.


To delete a payment block, follow the same procedure.


If you set a payment block to stop a vendor from being paid, you can still post to the vendor account (for example, at goods receipt).

If you set a posting block for a vendor, this also prevents you from paying any open items for the vendor. In this case, the posting block also acts as a payment block.

If, however, you have entered an alternative payee for the vendor, you can set a posting block for the vendor and still effect payment by posting the payment to the alternative payee (if bankruptcy proceeding are instituted against the vendor, for example).