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Contact persons are people in a business partner company with whom you are in contact by telephone, mail, or in person to perform business transactions. You store detailed information on contact persons in master records for business partners.


The information you need about contact persons is not the same as the information you need about a business partner company. Important data includes:


     Telephone number



Because the contact person is part of the business partner company, you enter contact person data in the respective customer or vendor master record. You do not need a separate master record for contact persons. You assign a new number to each contact person in a master record. You can enter as many contact persons as desired for each business partner.

You can only enter the data for a contact person in the customer master record of the sold-to party because the system only proposes contact persons from this master record in the sales order.

Contact persons in the vendor master can be used in their partner role (partner function CP) at various data retention levels. This means that the data for the contact person can be used in the associated functions in Logistics and Financial Accounting.



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