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A unique number is assigned to each business partner master record. You can use this number to access the master record, or to refer to the business partner when processing business transactions.


The number for a business partner master record can be assigned in one of the following ways:


You assign the number. In this case, you can define a number range that allows for alphanumerical number assignment. The system checks whether the number you enter is unique and within the number range defined by the account group.


The system assigns a consecutive number automatically from a number range defined by the account group.

The account group determines whether external or internal number assignment is allowed for a business partner master record. For account groups 0001 to 0005, for example, only internal number assignment is allowed.

Number Range

A number range can be valid for more than one account group. 


You can use the number range to assign different numbers to a head office and subsidiaries.

In the standard system, the account groups for the following customer partner functions are in the same number range so the numbers for these customer master records are assigned consecutively:

      Sold-to party

      Ship-to party

      Bill-to party



A customer's number is unique for all sales areas and company codes. A vendor's number is unique for all purchasing organizations and company codes. 


You first create a master record for your business partner in one sales area. You then create a second master record for the same business partner in another sales area. In this case, the system identifies the business partner number and does not display the existing general data from the first master record for maintenance. You can use the change and display functions to access the general data.


In Customizing you define the number ranges that are to be available. You do this in the following activities:

     Logistics Basic Data: Business Partners

     Define and Assign Customer Number Ranges

     Define Number Ranges for Vendor Master Records

     Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

     Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts

     Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups

     Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts

     Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups




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