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When you create a master record for a business partner, you must enter an account group. The account group determines:

     Which screens and fields are necessary for entering master data

     Whether you can or must make an entry in these fields

     How master record numbers are assigned (externally by you or internally by the system) and the number range from which they are assigned

     Which partner functions are valid

     Whether the business partner is a one-time customer or one-time vendor

Additionally, for vendor master records only, the account group determines:

     Whether default purchasing data in the vendor master is to be transferred to article master records and purchasing information records

     Whether there are any other data retention levels below the purchasing organization level (for example, site or vendor sub-range level) at which data can be retained in the vendor master, and if so, what these are

If you create a master record for the partner function ship-to party, for example, the system proposes an account group. You can also use account groups to define all other partner function combinations (for example, if the ship-to party is also the payer for the goods).


In Customizing, you define account groups available in the following activities:

     Logistics Basic Data: Business Partners

     Define Account Groups and Field Selection for Customers

     Define Account Groups and Field Selection for Vendors

     Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (Financial Accounting)

     Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers)

     Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Vendors)

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