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Accounting data derived from payment cards is settled and transferred to a payment card institute using a settlement program.

This program selects the open items and reports them either to the payment card institue or to a particular service provider that can communicate with this institute. Communication takes place using a special technique (Remote Function Call) by which a C program is started that transmits data by means of a channel.

The settlement program creates a settlement document clears the open items, and creates open items on a cash clearing account. The cash clearing account is then cleared once the money has been credited to your account.

In the General Ledger, you need to create a G/L account for each payment card company or credit card type to which open items arising from sales with the appropriate payment card are posted. You create a cash clearing account for each G/L account.

You assign the appropriate cash clearing account to the G/L accounts in Customizing. To do this, choose the activity Assign G/L account to cash clearing account. This activity is found in the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Implementation Guide (IMG).

You must also define a document type for the:

You define the document types by choosing the IMG activity Make central settings for payment cards to be found under Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.