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Payment card data is transferred to the Financial Accounting (FI) application component from the Sales and Distribution (SD) application component or from the SAP Retail industry solution via interfaces.

Payment card data is not entered or changed in the accounting document. When data is transferred from Sales and Distribution (SD) or SAP Retail, the system copies payment card information to the financial accounting document. Payment card data is transferred only to accounts receivable line items and to those G/L items that contain the receivables due to the payment card institute. Accounts payable line items are not affected.


The payment card processing chain starts in the Sales and Distribution application component. The following business transactions are entered here:

You enter a customer order in Sales and Distribution (SD). You enter payment card master data (card number, card type, card category, validity and so on) at the same time. The payment card institute then carries out an (automatic or manual) authorization check on the payment card. The result of this check is then saved.

You enter a delivery in shipping. Authorization is checked once more.

When you bill orders, the system copies payment card data from the order to the bill.

Once you have entered the bill, this data is transferred to Financial Accounting via an interface. Meanwhile, the system copies the payment card information, the amount, and the authorization data to the Financial Accounting document.

The payment card accounting data is billed to the payment card institute within Financial Accounting.


You must define the settings for payment cards in the Sales and Distribution section of the Implementation Guide (IMG). To do this, choose the Billing component. Here, you find the payment card settings.

Additional settings for payment cards can be made in the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable section of the IMG. Choose Business Transactions Payments with Payment Cards.