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Function documentationCalculation of Interest on Arrears and Document Splitting Locate this document in the navigation structure


If you use document splitting, you can transfer the account assignment information for the G/L account items (usually the amounts) to General Ledger Accounting when posting the interest calculation document.

The system posts the current account line with an invoice reference (invoice reference type F).


For the account assignment information to be transferred to new General Ledger Accounting and for the invoice reference to be posted, you have to set the following indicators in Customizing for the interest indicator:

  • Posting with Invoice Reference

    With this setting, the system generates a current account line in the interest calculation document containing the invoice reference.

  • Transfer of Account Assignment Information

    With this setting, the account assignment information of the G/L account item in the interest calculation document is transferred to new General Ledger Accounting. The system transfers only the account assignment information that has been defined as document splitting characteristics in Customizing for document splitting.

You can find the settings in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) under   Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable   Business Transactions   Interest Calculation   Interest Calculation Global Settings   Prepare Item Interest Calculation  .