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Within document splitting, subsequent processes transfer specific account assignments from the original process. Transfer postings for customers with a credit balance is an example of a subsequent process. The system determines the balances of the customers and vendors by company code and account. The system splits the account assignments during posting on the basis of the determined account balance and according to the account assignments of the document splitting characteristic (such as Segment).


You have specified the segment as a document splitting characteristic. In Customizing for Financial Accounting (New), choose   General Ledger Accounting (New)   Business Transactions   Document Splitting   Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling  .

For more information, see Making Settings for Document Splitting.

Process Flow
  1. Initial Situation

    The following balances are assigned to the customer account per segment:

    This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

    Customer account

  2. Determining Customer with Credit Balance

    A total balance of 100 EUR is determined. Consequently, the customer is perceived as a vendor, and the balance of this customer needs to be displayed as a payable. If you were now to post the total balance to a payable, the account assignment of the segment would be lost.

  3. Postings

    To enable segment reporting, the system splits the total balance (100) using the original balances (see 1.) and on the basis of the document splitting characteristic (segment) and posts accordingly:

    This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

    Postings for Segment Reporting