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Document splitting supports certain subsequent processes whereby the system transfers document splitting characteristics from the original process to the subsequent process. Controlling (CO), for example, takes over the split line items. This means: If the subsequent processes post CO-relevant items, they can also transfer the CO account assignments from the original process to these line items. Controlling transfers these line items and the account assignments.


Document Splitting is a function of new General Ledger Accounting.

You can transfer the split line items to all other application components for subsequent processes as well as to other programs or interfaces. This documentation illustrates this using Controlling as a representative of all other components.


You have made the Customizing settings for document splitting. For subsequent processes, you need in particular to make the settings in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) under   General Ledger Accounting (New)   Business Transactions   Document Splitting   Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling  .

Here, you specify which additional document splitting characteristics you want to apply in document splitting. The additional characteristics are not relevant for General Ledger Accounting. Instead, they are relevant for components in Controlling that use documents transferred from General Ledger Accounting.

The system only transfers the selected document splitting characteristics to the specified line items when the account to which the postings are to be made also supports the document splitting characteristics. This means that CO account assignments are only transferred when the account has also been set up as a cost element.

You can, for example, pass on exchange rate differences to Controlling as costs. In this case, you set up automatic postings for the foreign currency valuation. For this, go to Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) and choose   General Ledger Accounting (New)   Periodic Processing   Valuate   Foreign Currency Valuation   Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation  .

Check the account determination for the Exchange Rate Difference transaction, in particular for foreign currency valuation. Ensure that the accounts for expenses and revenue are created as cost elements for the Valuation area.


Subsequent process: Clear
  • You can use document splitting to post any realized exchange rate differences, cash discounts, and interest payments that arose during the subsequent process Clear (or partial payments) along with the CO-relevant account assignments that caused them. Document splitting can split these lines corresponding to the specified document splitting characteristics. The prerequisite for this is that the open item to be cleared has been split according to the corresponding offsetting lines.

  • If, at the time of clearing, postings can be made to an asset, you can also subsequently capitalize the cash discount amount to the asset online (see also the “Define Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount to Assets” section under Making Settings for Document Splitting).

  • You can also transfer CO-relevant account assignments across document chains.

For more information and examples of postings, see Example: Document Splitting for Realized Exchange Rate Differences. The system posts cash discounts in the same way as described in the example for realized exchange rate differences.

Subsequent process: Closing operations

You can use document splitting to perform closing operations on the basis of the defined document splitting characteristics. Before posting the valuations, the system summarizes them for each document splitting characteristic or combination of document splitting characteristics. The following functions are affected by document splitting:

  • Foreign Currency Valuation of Open Items

    In foreign currency valuation, you can transfer account assignments of the item to be valuated to the valuation document. If you have defined additional document splitting characteristics for Controlling, the account assignments of these characteristics are posted to the expense and revenue account.

    The line item to be valuated must also be entered in accordance with where the expenses/revenues occurred.

  • Foreign Currency Valuation for Balances

    On the basis of the current account balance of the account to be valuated, the system takes the document splitting characteristics relevant to General Ledger Accounting and transfers them to the corresponding posting item of the document.

    For examples of postings, see Example: Document Splitting in Foreign Currency Valuation.

  • Sorted List and Individual Value Adjustment

    With the sorted list, the system takes the document splitting characteristics from each item concerned and assigns them to the corresponding line items of the document.

  • Customers in Credit and Vendors in Debit

    The system determines the balances of the customers and vendors by company code and account. During posting, the account assignments are made on the basis of the account balance determined.

    For examples of postings, see Example: Document Splitting for Transferring Customers with Credit Balance.