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Active document splitting comprises all processes used to split documents without reference to a different (preceding) document. You control active document splitting using settings in Customizing.

Note Note

By contrast, you cannot control passive document splitting. This is defined program-internal and comprises all other document splitting processes such as clearing processes.

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Active document splitting is a function of document splitting in new General Ledger Accounting.

Document splitting has an effect on subsequent processes such as closing operations.


You have made the settings in Customizing for document splitting.


The system splits the line items on the basis of document's assignment to a business transaction and the document splitting rule assigned. You define the classifications and the document splitting rules in Customizing and can adjust them there.

The document splitting rule describes the relationships between sender and receiver of the document splitting characteristics based on line items classified.

Caution Caution

The relevant correlation is unclear when there is ambiguity within one document. You can use document splitting only for documents that are uniquely assigned to a business transaction.

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Example Example

You want to enter a payment and an invoice in a document. However, this document cannot be uniquely assigned to a business transaction. Consequently, the system cannot split the document.

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You can also define document splitting rules across company codes. The company code clearing lines obtain the account assignments from the related company codes. For more information, see the “Header Data” section under Document Splitting Rule.


Once you have made all settings in Customizing, active document splitting runs automatically.

You can display a document in Financial Accounting as follows:

  • In the entry view

  • From the view of a ledger in the general ledger view and with the clearing lines generated by document splitting

    How the document is displayed in the general ledger view depends on whether the ledger to which you want to post contains the document splitting characteristics that the system uses to split the document.

To display the split items of a document in General Ledger Accounting, choose General Ledger View in the entry view of the document display.


For an overview of the process flow of document splitting with example postings, see Overview of Document Splitting Process.