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Passive document splitting comprises all document splitting processes, for example, clearing processes that are determined program-internal and that you cannot control with settings in Customizing.

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By contrast, active document splitting comprises all processes used to split the document itself. You control active document splitting using settings in Customizing.

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Passive document splitting is a function of document splitting in new General Ledger Accounting.

Document splitting has an effect on subsequent processes such as closing operations.


You have implemented Customizing for document splitting.


Passive document splitting creates a reference to existing account assignments. For example, when you want to enter a document to clear two receivables. In this case, the system transfers the account assignments for the line items (the receivables) to the line item to be created. By doing so, the system can split the line items taking into account all of the account assignments that have been defined as document splitting characteristics in Customizing for document splitting.

The following functions relate to passive document splitting:

  • Clearing

    The system creates, for example, receivable clearing items that form the basis for splitting the line items.

  • Reset Cleared Items

  • Payment-relevant invoice references

    The system creates a reference to one or more invoices. The reference is produced by specification of the invoice during document entry. This forms the basis for splitting the line items.

  • Reversal


You can display a document in Financial Accounting as follows:

  • In the entry view

  • From the view of a ledger in the general ledger view split by document splitting and with the generated clearing lines

    How the document is displayed in the general ledger view depends on whether the ledger to which you want to post contains the document splitting characteristics that the system uses to split the document.

To display the split items of a document in General Ledger Accounting, choose General Ledger View in the entry view of the document display.


For an example, see Overview of Document Splitting Process.