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This function prevents postings with invalid account assignment combinations from being posted and thereby ensures the consistency of your reporting.

You can define your own validation rules and use them to check whether different account assignment combinations are useful from a business point of view and, where necessary, prevent invalid postings. You can also extend the check to include an account assignment combination of G/L accounts and cost centers and prevent postings with this account assignment combination.


You have made the necessary settings in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) under Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) Document Define Validation Rule for Account Assignment Combinations.

In this IMG activity, you can assign a validation strategy with validation rules to an entire company code as the default strategy. You can define exceptions for specific ledger groups.

You can specify valid and invalid account assignment combinations to reduce the amount of validation rules.

      If you want to specify valid combinations of account assignments, specify in your validation strategy the account assignment combinations that are permitted for a posting. This is useful if you have a small number of valid combinations of account assignments.

      If you want to specify invalid combinations of account assignments, specify in your validation strategy the account assignment combinations that are not permitted for a posting. This is usually a smaller number of account assignment combinations. For this reason, we recommend choosing this option.

When you define an account assignment as invalid, the system considers all other combinations as valid.


Ensure that you enter the account assignments uniformly in terms of the assignments (such as to the chart of accounts, controlling area, and company code). If you enter account assignments affecting various controlling areas, this could produce errors when you want to make postings in a different controlling area.

You can also use groups (such as cost center groups) in your validation rules.


To update the groups used in the validation rules (such as cost center groups), you need to schedule the program Adjustment of Derivation Rules After Changes to Groups(FAGL_VAL_DERIVATION_TOOL) periodically.

You can use the validation log to analyze the validation rule after validation to help you identify any errors quicker. You find the validation log when you activate and test the validation trace for your validation strategy (using a posting, for instance).


You can use authorization object F_FAGL_DRU to issue authorizations for creating, changing, and deleting validation rule entries. Validation rule entries are the entries that you want to define as valid/invalid account assignment combinations (such as specific G/L accounts and cost centers).


The system only checks documents that are in the process of being posted; it does not check parked documents.

The system only checks the entry view and not the general ledger view.

You can use the validation trace during postings to display the account assignments to be checked and to determine the result.


You find an example in the test case description Validation of Account Assignment Combinations. Call the transaction Switch Framework Customizing (SFW5) and then call the test catalog (New General Ledger Accounting 2) for the New General Ledger Accounting 2 (FIN_GL_CI_2) business function. In the test catalog, choose New General Ledger Accounting and Profit Center Accounting Validation of Account Assignment Combinations.



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