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Function documentation Document Reconciliation  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use the document reconciliation to reconcile posting documents in different company codes within a company. This is necessary to correct posting differences resulting from posting errors or different posting times.


The documents to be reconciled must have been entered in one client in the same SAP System.


Document reconciliation provides the following functions:

This is particularly useful if you use the Financial Accounting and Sales and Distribution components.

You can carry out this maintenance from the Financial Accounting menu: Choose Accounting Financial accounting Accounts receivable/Accounts payable Periodic processing Closing Check/count Reconcile affiliated companies. From the document reconciliation menu, choose Settings Personal settings.

To do this, carry out the activity Define Default Values for Document Assignment for All Users in the Implementation Guide for Financial Accounting.


Carry out the document reconciliation according to the procedure described in Carrying Out Document Reconciliation