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Background documentation Contiguous Document Number Assignment in Non-Leading Ledgers  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In some cases, there may be gaps in the document numbers assigned for non-leading ledgers. To prevent such gaps, you need to undertake the tasks outlined below:

Postings from Valuations to Individual Ledgers

If you post postings from valuations separately to the leading ledger and use a document type that you also use to post valuation postings to non-leading ledgers, such documents are not considered by the non-leading ledger, which consequently leads to gaps in the document numbers.


You have leading ledger LL and non-leading ledger L1 and use document type SA to make valuation postings to both ledgers. The system determines document number range 01 for this document type. You only post a valuation posting to ledger LL, and the system issues document number 010000004711.

The document journal for ledger L1 does not contain this document:




For valuation postings to the leading ledger, define a document type with a uniquely assigned number range. To enable you to use this document type for valuation postings to non-leading ledgers, you have to assign a separate number range to this document type for postings to non-leading ledgers. To do this, go to Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) and choose Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) Document Document Types Define Document Types for Entry View in One Ledger.

Postings from Valuations to Ledger Groups

The non-representative ledger of the ledger group inherits the document number from the representative ledger of a ledger group. Gaps then appear in the document number assignments for the non-representative ledger if postings are made to it from other ledger groups.

Since you can display the document, you can enter an explanation for this gap in the document journal.


Stop making postings for valuation postings to ledger groups and make postings to individual ledgers instead.


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