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You use labeling to create and manage label sets. Label sets are used as input for final product label creation and label artwork design.


Labeling is connected to the recipe object as well as to specifications in the PLM Web User Interface (PLM Web UI), and to phrase management in the Environment, Health and Safety component by means of Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) in the enhancement spots RMSL_LABEL and RMSL_LABEL_WEBUI.

With specification management and Recipe Development in the PLM Web UI, you manage the specifications and recipes from which the system determines the data for a label set. In phrase management, you define phrases that you can assign to a label set as footnotes and statements.

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Labeling in PLM Web UI can only create label sets for recipes created in Recipe Development in PLM Web UI.

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Labeling uses specifications and recipes as the basis for creating a label set.

The content of the label set is finalized on the Label Definition view, which includes lists of data for the following labels:

The package label provides additional functions (see Creating a Package Label).

You can edit label data in labeling, preview it as a PDF form, or export it as an XML file.

You can display the ingredient and qualitative data lists with different visual settings for different countries or geographical areas defined as target locations (see Target Location).

You can classify label sets and restrict their usage, that is, their rating and validity area.

You can define different label sets identified by primary output specifications, alternative labels and label versions. You can choose to manage your changes with change numbers, but once you have started using change numbers, that cannot be reversed (see Engineering Change Management in Labeling in PLM Web UI).

You can apply the same status changes to labels as to recipes, but you can also specify your own status scheme in Customizing. For more information about status management, see Status Scheme for Label Sets.

The content of a label set is defined as qualitative label, component label, and ingredient label. You can change these names in the WebDynpro component configuration and in Customizing activity Define List Titles, under   Logistics - General   Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)   PLM Web User Interface   Recipe Development   Labeling  .