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Specification belonging to a recipe, containing a property tree in which relevant properties for a recipe are stored. These properties can differ from the properties defined in the specification of the primary output.


The recipe type determines whether a property specification is mandatory, optional, or not permitted (see Recipe Type).

If a property specification is mandatory, the system automatically creates a property specification when you create a recipe. The system uses the default values defined for this purpose in the recipe type.

If the property specification is optional, you can create it in the   Basic Data   General Data   view.

In the property specification, you can save the calculation results for the recipe and store additional data such as measurements.

The property specification is only valid in connection with the recipe. Therefore, the following conditions apply:

  • If you remove a property specification from a recipe, the system automatically deletes the property specification.

  • You can only edit a property specification if the associated recipe can be edited, in other words, if the status of the recipe allows such editing and the recipe is not marked for archiving.

  • Each recipe version can have only one property specification. When you copy a recipe version, you can copy the property specification for the new recipe version at the same time.


The system also uses this specification internally for versioning of reports (see WWI Reports). If reports were created for the recipe, the specification cannot be deleted, in other words, the recipe cannot be marked for deletion either.