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Function documentation Processing a Request in the SAP System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have made one of the following requests using an Intranet/Internal request form:

Request Change to Master Data

Request an Adjustment Posting

The request is automatically transferred to the SAP System and assigned to a processor.


The system creates a message when the request form is sent. The following functions are available for processing messages in the SAP System.

Task processing

The following jumps to the following activities are available in task processing:

     Access to the request form

     Access to the processing transactions in the SAP system

that were set up in Customizing for the related requests.

See Cross-Application Components Internet/Intranet Services Internal Service Request Definition of Scenarios with Specific Customizing Request for a Master Data Change (Request for an Adjustment Posting) Define Own Scenarios For The Request For Master Data Change (Define Own Scenarios For The Request For Adjustment Postings).

Status query

Document Flow Display

The document flow display is only relevant for the request for an adjustment posting.


To call up the functions for message processing, in the SAP Easy Access Menu choose Office Message.


You can find additional information about messages in the SAP Library under Cross-Application Components (CA-NO) Messages.



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