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With a request form, you can request a master data change from the Intranet/Internet.

The standard system comes with predefined formulas with which you can request changes to various objects. This form is divided into various areas, but you can adjust the layout and the individual fields individually.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


        You defined in Customizing which fields are to be available on the form.

For more information, see Cross-Application Components Internet/Intranet Services Definition of Scenarios With Specific Customizing  Request For Master Data Change Define Own Scenarios For The Request For Master Data Change

        You have defined the layout of the form


                            a.      Using the SAP@Web Studios

                            b.      Using the Web Application Builder in the ABAP Development Workbench

        If you access the form via Create an Internal Service Request from the launchpad of the Employee Workplace, you first have to select the right request from, such as a request for a new cost center or a change to customer bank details (see Creating an Internal Service Request).



       1.      Enter the data for the object.


For the request Create a new cost center, your are required to make the following entries:

- Controlling area

- Cost center key

- Valid from ... to

- Name

- Responsible person

For the request Change an existing cost center, your are required to make the following entries:

- Controlling area

- Cost center key

- Valid from ... to

       2.      Enter a text to describe the problem.

This is an optional entry.

       3.      If you know the name of the processor for this problem, enter it in the processor field.

If a processor or a standard role was entered in Customizing, these fields contain the corresponding entries. The partner role setting in Customizing controls whether an individual employee or a department is entered as the problem processor. You can find additional information about roles in Defining Roles based on Responsibilities.


If an entire department was entered in Customizing as the processor, you cannot overwrite the Processor field. The system displays a list of the processors.

       4.      The fields for Created by contain your data.

       5.      If you make the request on behalf of someone else (for example, for a colleague or boss), you can also list the initiator.

The processor of the request can then contact the initiator directly should any questions arise.

       6.      Check your entries.

       7.      Send the request.

Confirm the message, that your request has been saved.


The request is transferred to the ERP system and assigned to a processor.





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