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Archiving object /SAPPCE/DP for the archiving of down payment chains.


Down payment chains can only be archived using the archiving object in which the structure and composition of data is described. Down payment chains are archived independent from FI documents.

All data archiving interactions take place in archive administration. You can find this on the SAP Easy Access screen under Tools Administration Administration Archiving (Transaction SARA).

For more information on basic data archiving processes and procedures, see the SAP Library under Cross-Application Components Archiving Application Data (CA-ARC) Introduction to Data Archiving (CA-ARC).

Setting Deletion Flag for Down Payment Chains

To be able to archive a down payment chain, you must firstly set a deletion flag.

        Before an archiving session is started a preprocessing program is started. The preprocessing program checks whether a down payment chain can be archived and sets the deletion flag if the following archiving prerequisites are met.

        A final invoice must already have been created for the down payment chain.

        The down payment chain cannot have any open items. This also means that any remaining guarantee retention amounts must be canceled and all invoices must be paid.

        The last posting within the down payment chain must be made before the residual time has elapsed. The residual time is defined in the chain type. For more information see Preparatory Tasks.

        You can cancel deletion flags set by the system on the contract data screen. Follow path Edit Set Status.

        You can also set deletion flags manually if there is no active document in the chain. For example you can flag a down payment chain for deletion if no document has yet been posted or if a document has been posted and then reversed. To do this choose Edit Set Status Deletion Flag on the contract data screen.

Displaying Already Archived and Deleted Down Payment Chains

The archiving program sets the chain status to Archived for all archived down payment chains. For this reason you can no longer change archived down payment chains.

From the processing screen for down payment chains you have permanent access to already archived and deleted down payment chains. If you want to display a down payment chain that has already been deleted, the system reads it from the archive and displays it.



With archiving object /SAPPCE/DP data is archived from a number of tables. To find out how to display table names for the individual archiving objects, see the SAP Library under Cross-Application Components Archiving Application Data (CA-ARC) Introduction to Data Archiving (CA-ARC) Archiving Procedure Determine Linked Tables.

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