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In Indonesia, accounting documents created in Financial Accounting (FI) and billing documents created in Sales and Distribution (SD) must be assigned an official document number. These numbers are generated only on the creation of an invoice. The official document number assigned to these documents must be consecutive without gaps. The SAP system provides functions to number documents according to these requirements.


You have made the required settings in Customizing for Cross-Application Components, under   General Application Functions   Cross-Application Document Numbering   Indonesia  .


In Indonesia, companies can use official document numbering in one of the following ways:

  • They use business places. In this case, the official document numbers are printed on the documents created by the company’s head office and each of its branches.

  • They generate their own official document numbers. This option is only available to those companies that get authorization from the tax authority (Direktorat Jenderal Pajak).

When you create an accounting document or a billing document, the system generates an official document number and stores it in the Reference Document Number (XBLNR) field. Depending on your Customizing settings, the system enables you to maintain number range(s) for the official document for a company code.

Domestic Invoices

For domestic invoices, the official document number comprises of the following parts:

  • Transaction code

  • Status code

  • Branch code

  • Year

  • Serial number

The maximum limit of the serial number is 8 characters. For example, 010.XYZ-09.00000001. Here, 01 is the transaction code, 0 is the status code, XYZ is the branch code, 09 is the fiscal year, and 00000001 is the serial number.

Note Note

By default, the transaction code is always 01 and the status code is always 0.

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Export Invoices

For export invoices, the official document number comprises of two parts. The first part denotes the prefix (maintained in the Settings for Official Document Numbering Indonesia (OFF_NUM_ID) application table) and the second part denotes a five-digit sequential number. The prefix for export services is EJKP, while the prefix for export tangible goods is EBKP.


After the accounting documents and billing documents have been generated, check the Reference Document Number field for correct official document number assignment.

In Customizing for Cross-Application Components, choose   General Application Functions   Cross-Application Document Numbering   Indonesia   BAdI: Change Document Class and Transaction Code   to change the document class and transaction code of an official document number.