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Procedure documentation Fast Entry of Invoices and Credit Memos  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


At the start of a data entry session, enter those specifications and default values that are generally valid for all invoices or credit memos. This includes the following data:

To enter your business transactions, switch to the screen for line items. If you need to you can change the specifications and default values at any time.


If you want to enter invoices or credit memos quickly using the standard transaction, proceed as follows from the Accounts Payable menu:

  1. Choose Document entry ® Other ® Invoice/credit memo fast entry. The screen for the specifications and default values for fast entry appears.
  2. Enter specifications such as company code, posting date and document type. If you want to post to a special period, enter a posting period. Enter the currency key and document date as default values.
  3. Choose Specifications ® Enter invoice/credit memo. The screen for fast entry of invoices and credit memos appears. You can see that the system has entered the default values you specified.
  4. Note

    Each time you call up the function Invoice/credit memo fast entry, this screen is displayed.

  5. Enter the vendor account number, the invoice amount, and all other data necessary for the vendor line item. If you are entering a credit memo, you must select the field Credit memo.
  6. For the offsetting entry, also enter the account number, amount and any other relevant data.
  7. Note

    If you are posting with a document type which uses external number assignment, you have to enter the document number in the upper half of the screen. This is, however, not usually necessary.

  8. Choose Document ® Post.


The system checks whether you have made all the required entries and if you have entered superfluous information. You can then correct your entries if necessary.




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