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If, when using the fast entry function for invoices and credit memos, you want to determine the vendor on the basis of the POR subscriber number, you must enter the POR number in the field Fast entry. Then, when using the fast entry function, enter the POR number in the PCB/POR field. You do not have to enter the account number.

If the system finds several vendors on the basis of the POR number you specified, a dialog box appears containing the account number, name, and city of the vendors found. You can select the vendor you require from this dialog box.

Even if the system only finds one vendor, you have the option of displaying this vendor before selecting it. To do so, select the Control display option for the fast entry with POR number in the accounting settings.


This entry method is only possible if a POR number has been maintained in the master record of the vendor and the appropriate system settings have been made.



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