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Component documentation Posting Business Transactions in Accounts Receivable  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You post accounting data for customers in Accounts Receivable. From there, the data is sorted by customer and made available to other components, for example Sales and Distribution. When you post data in Accounts Receivable, the system creates a document and passes the data entered to the general ledger. General ledger accounts are then updated according to the transaction concerned (receivable, down payment, bill of exchange, and so on).


Since the individual applications (general ledger and subledgers) all exchange data, individual business transactions only have to be entered once. See also: Organizational Units and Basic Settings


The Accounts Receivable component is not merely a basis for correct accounting procedures. Due to the close integration with Sales and Distribution, it provides data for effective credit management. The link to Cash Management also provides information for optimizing liquidity planning.


SAP provides two variants for carrying out business transactions in Accounts Receivable:

You cannot switch between both transactions.

The system carries out consistency checks before saving the data. When the debits equal the credits, and the data is complete, post the document. If errors exist, the data is not saved, and the system proposes adjustments.

The system updates the document file and the G/L account balances.





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