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Function documentationStore Management


In China, a department store can lease a portion of its space to a retail store. The retail store (tenant) usually enters into a real estate agreement with the department store (landlord). This store-within-a-store concept enables the retail store to exercise a certain level of autonomy over its retail activities such as pricing, promotion, and product stocking. It also enables the landlord to make adjustments or apply certain conditions to a specific store, such as the cost or revenue distribution, which could impact its sales-based rent.

With store management, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Enable sales based rent percentage based on user-defined product category hierarchy

  • Configure the display order of the Stores tab in a real estate contract

  • Control the cost distribution of payment by vouchers and coupons

  • Define and customize discount limits and conditions for customers, and the distribution cost of the discount


  1. Make the mandatory settings in Customizing as described in Customizing for Store Management.

  2. Create a store contract as described in Creating a Store Contract

  3. Create and assign custom reporting rules as described in Assign Custom Reporting Rules

  4. Make the following optional settings: