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Function documentationAdvance Contract Search Filter


You can use this report to filter records by contract, store data, and/or sales data, and view its related information.

This report is an extension of the Simple Contract Search Filter report and it supports the following additional filtering attributes: material number, material group, and promotion category. In addition, you can also customize the report output by defining the report title and the layout preference.

In the report result, the related information for each entry is displayed on the same row. Here, you can view the related data associated with the contract such as store information and sales information.



To run the program, you specify the following filtering criteria:

  1. In the Contract Selection group box, you enter the following values:

    • Company code — Enter a valid company code.

    • Contract — Enter a valid contract number.

    • Contract Type — Specify the contract type.

    • BE for Contract — Specify the business entity that belongs to this real estate contract.

    You select the following options:

    • Partner Selection Active

    • Object Selection Active

  2. In the Period/Key Date group box, you enter the contract validity dates.

  3. In the Filter group box, you have the following options:

    • Status Selection Active — Select whether you want to search for Real Estate contracts with a certain system or user status is marked as Active.

    • Person Responsible — Specify the person responsible.

  4. In the Store Selection group box, enter the store ID.

  5. In the Material/Material Group/Promotion Category group box, you enter values for the following attributes:

    • Material Number — Enter a valid material number.

    • Material Group — Enter a valid material group.

    • Promotion Category — Enter a valid promotion category.

  6. In the Output Options group box, you have the following options:

    • Report Title — Define a custom title for the report.

    • Layout — Select a custom layout for the report. The layout is defined on the results screen of the report.

You can limit or broaden your search result by means of defining a value range where applicable.


The report displays any entries whose content matches the search criteria. The listing shows the contract data, store data, contract validity dates, sales data, and person responsible.

To view a specific contract, select the listed entry and then click on the corresponding contract number to open it.

Note Note

Only original contracts are included in the search result. Contract versions are not displayed.

End of the note.


To access the report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Flexible Real Estate Management Next navigation step Country Specifics Next navigation step China Next navigation step Point-of-Sales Data Management Integration Next navigation step Advance Contract Search Filter End of the navigation path .


The landlord wants to know if there are any retail stores within his mall that sell women’s shoes, and if so how many.

He can run the Advance Contract Search Filter report to determine this information.

He has already established that women’s shoes is categorized under the Material Group WM01. In the Advance Contract Search Filter report, he enters WM01 in the Material Group field, and then runs the report.

The report generates a list of records that contain the material group attribute WM01. Based on the result of this report, the landlord can check to see how many stores are currently selling women’s shoes, which store they are, and he can also view its related contract information.