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Function documentation Parking of Documents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use document parking to enter and store (park) incomplete documents in the SAP system without performing extensive entry checks. For more information, see Document Parking.

You - or other users - can subsequently add data to parked documents and check them before posting them.


Documents that you have entered in classic General Ledger Accounting can only be processed further and posted in classic General Ledger Accounting.

When documents are parked, the system does not update any data such as transaction figures. The only exception to this is in Cash Management (TR-CM).

Nevertheless, data from parked documents can be used for current evaluations by the system. In this way, you can use amounts from parked invoices for the advance return for tax on sales and purchases. You can use payment requests to pay parked invoices on time and without any loss of cash discount.


You can use the tax amounts determined on the basis of parked documents to apply to the tax authorities in advance for any tax receivables that are due to you. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Reporting Tax Reports General Input Tax from Parked Documents.


In contrast to document parking, the holding documents function is merely designed to allow you to interrupt your work on a document and temporarily save the data you have entered until you can resume posting. The system does not issue document numbers for documents that are held. Furthermore, you cannot use data entered in this way for evaluations.

Substitution is not supported in document parking. Substitution takes place via the posting transaction once you generate an accounting document from the parked document.


You make the appropriate settings in Customizing for Financial Accounting under Financial Accounting Global Settings Document Parking.


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