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Check management is used in cases where, when issuing your checks, you do not want to use the payment document number as the check number, but a different numbering method instead.

The check management functions help you to manage both prenumbered checks and those checks assigned numbers from your own number ranges.

Prenumbered checks are an accepted form of payment in countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Australia. The numbers for these checks are determined by the bank and printed on the check itself.

You can define your own check number ranges in the following circumstances: If the bank defines a certain number interval; If the payment document number cannot be used for other reasons (it is too long or you want to define ranges big enough to last for several years, and so on); or if you want to use aspects of the functionality in check management described below.

Check management functions can be accessed from the Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable menu by choosing Environment ® Check information.

Those functions relating to the automatic payment program can also be accessed from the Automatic Payment Transactions screen by choosing Environment ® Check information.

This section contains the following topics:

Check Management Configuration

Maintaining Check Lots

Defining Void Reason Codes

Check Management Functions

Program Run

Printing Checks Online

Entering Manually-Created Checks in Check Management

Supplementing Check Information/Cashing Individual Checks

Cashed Checks

Displaying Check Information

Displaying the Check Register

Creating a Check Extract

Archiving Checks

Rectifying Problems in Check Management

Check Management: Problems and Solutions in Overview

Renumbering Checks

Reassigning Checks to Payments

Reprinting Checks


Voiding Checks

Cancel Check Payment

Deleting or Resetting Check Information

Canceling the Reprinting of Checks

Lengthening Check Numbers