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Procedure documentation Repeating the Print Run  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If errors occur in the printout, you can repeat the print run either with the request report SAPF140 or the print reports. In this case, please note the following:

The requests are stored in table BKORM. After a correspondence request is printed, it is provided with the print date in table BKORM and therefore marked as completed.

At the end of a period in days for the periodic printing of account statements (which you determine via a parameter in request report SAPF140 or RFKORK00), the completed requests are deleted from table BKORM by the report. If you do not want requests to be deleted, enter a zero or delete the default value.

As long as the specified period is not exceeded, you can repeat the print run for the respective correspondence requests with request report SAPF140 or the print reports by specifying the completion date. To do this, the field Repeat printing from in the print report selection screen or Repeat at print date in the request report selection screen must be filled. You can get this date from table BKORM. For the print reports, you must also enter the desired correspondence ID into the field Correspondence and click in the field data from trigger table. In addition, you can repeat the print by using the function for maintaining correspondence requests; see Editing Correspondence Requests.