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Procedure documentation Printing Periodic Account Statements  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Periodic account statements are generated in batch input. To do this you must schedule the print report for the appropriate time intervals. When setting up a batch input run you need at least one selection variant. In this selection variant you must enter the key from the Account statement field in the master record of the customer as the selection criteria in the field Identification in master record.

  1. To create the variant choose Periodic processing ® Print correspondence ® Per.acct statements. The system displays the program selection screen.
  2. Enter the appropriate selection criteria.
  3. Choose Edit ® Save variant. The system displays the screen for maintaining variants.
  4. Enter the variant names and a short text. Activate the appropriate field if the variants are to be executed only in the background. Save you entries.
  5. Use Back to return to the program selection screen.

To execute the program in the background, select from the program selection screen Program ® Execute in background. If necessary, the system requests further specifications for background processing, such as a printer for the output. If all specifications are complete, the system displays a message stating that your job is set up. To get an overview of your background jobs, you can call up this display, using System ® Job status.