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With certain correspondence types, you can enter a text of your choice.


You received an invoice for which you are unable to locate the order. Since the system cannot determine the invoice number here, you expand upon the invoice number in a standard text defined for individual texts. This form already contains a request in which the vendor is asked to supply further details concerning the order.


You enter an incoming payment. The amount is not the same as the amount in the invoice, because the customer has reduced the amount by a credit memo. The credit memo has already been cleared. You inform the customer of this, although you cannot specify for which payment the credit memo was cleared until you enter the incoming payment. You enter the individual text when requesting the correspondence. When the correspondence is printed, the text is merged with the letter. After you have made the request, it is still possible to change the text via the correspondence maintenance function.

The following steps are involved in adding individual text to requested correspondence:

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  1. When you are processing a business transaction or an account, select the correspondence type that you require (one which allows you to enter an individual text).
  2. A pop-up window appears, where you can enter your text. There may be a default text here, which you only need to modify by adding certain information.
  3. You can change the individual text via the maintenance function for correspondence requests.

When you print the correspondence, the text that you have entered is merged into the letter.

In the standard system you can merge individual texts into payment notices, account statements, open item lists, internal documents, individual letters and document extracts. You can enter individual texts in just one letter if this is defined for the correspondence types. You cannot merge individual texts for statements of bill of exchange charges.

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