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Procedure documentation Creating Periodic Account Statements for Customers  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In order to have the system create account statements for a business partner at certain intervals, you must enter a key in the Account statement field of the master record; this specifies how frequently the account statement is to be created. The key is used as a selection criterion for printing the periodic account statements.


You send an account statement to some customers every week; for other customers you do so only once a month. To have the system carry this out, you use the keys 1 for weekly and 2 for monthly. You enter the desired key in the master records of the appropriate customers. You then execute the print program for the periodic account statements every week and, additionally, once at the end of each month. When printing every week, you enter the key 1 . As a result, all customers containing this key in the master record are selected.

10-day settlement

You can also create periodic account statements as 10-day settlement.

The 10-day settlement is a collective invoice as used by head office payers. Here the open items are settled in periodic intervals, such as 10 days. You can define the settlement dates using a factory calendar.

You can carry out the 10-day settlement either as an individual request or as a mass run:

You can use different types of settlement and notification letters.