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You can request the desired correspondence either automatically or manually.

The automatic procedure is possible for the following correspondence types:

Alternatively and additionally, you may request correspondence types manually in the functions for processing an account, a document, or the items in an account. Which correspondence types are offered for selection in which functions depends on the system configuration.

You can also request the correspondence manually when you are not in the above-mentioned functions, but rather in a general function. Here all correspondence types allowed for a company code are offered.

The statement of bill of exchange charges is always requested automatically. Please read "Requesting Correspondence Whilst in a General Function" below for more information.

You can also define additional correspondence types in your organization which are specific to your needs. Depending on how your system is configured, it will propose various possibilities.

When you make a request, the system initially only notes internally which correspondence types should be created. In a second step, the requested correspondence types are printed.

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