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Function documentation Account Assignment Approval  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The account assignment approval is not triggered until the user has finished all necessary data entry and confirmed this in the parked document.

This account assignment approval applies to all organizational objects (for example, job, position, organizational unit) that are assigned to this release step. You can assign persons responsible for release to cost centers in Organizational Management. The persons responsible must then release all documents. In addition, you can use user exits to determine and assign other release authorizations. If no employees with release authorization have been assigned, the account assignment approval is not carried out.

If all the amount releases and account assignment approvals have been carried out, you can post the document. If release is refused, the document is returned to the clerk who entered it in the first place so that he can carry out the changes required. Once it has been changed, the document is subject to both release procedures once again. If data relevant to the release has been changed in the document, all releases issued so far are canceled, and the release procedure must be started again for the document.

In Customizing, you define per account type (for example, G/L account) which changes affect the release and which changes lead to the document release being canceled.