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Function documentation Amount Release  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Amount release is triggered when the document is first parked.

You can distinguish between single-level, two-level, and three-level amount release. This would determine whether one, two or three people are required to release the document (based on the amount). This ensures that the principle of dual or even triple control is duly observed.

You can define which release procedure should be used in Customizing. Among other things, the selection of the release procedure depends on the workflow variant selected, the document type, and the amount.

The amount of a parked document is the largest line item for customers or vendors, or the debit or credit balance.

You can summarize several persons authorized to release amounts in a release approval group. You can then enter these release approval groups in the customer or vendor master record.

You can assign various organizational objects for persons authorized to release amounts (job, position, organizational unit) in Customizing depending on the release approval group, document type, amount, and release approval level. In addition, users can use user exits to determine and assign other release authorizations.