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Function documentation Completing the Entries in a Document Using Workflow  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In document entry, you can park incomplete documents and then gradually complete them by adding information.

When you enter an incomplete document, a workflow is started. This workflow contains the task "Complete". This task is assigned to all users that have the task of completing incomplete documents. When the workflow is triggered, these users receive a message to this effect and can then proceed to change the parked document. This message can then be forwarded to other employees to complete the document. The message stays in the inbox of every user concerned until one of them marks the document ‘complete’.

There is a workflow model in the standard system (WS00400004) for completing parked documents.


Event Linkage for the Event CREATED

If you want to use a workflow to complete parked documents, you must create the event linkage for the event CREATED in the Workflow Workbench. You should enter the data as shown in the table below:

Data for Event Linkage

Object Category




Receiver type


Receiver module


Check Function

Receiver type (function module)






Standard Task for Completing Documents

Users who want to complete parked documents must be assigned the task “Complete parked document” (TS00407848). To do this, create the organizational object in Organizational Management, or use the Workflow Workbench. You then assign the relevant users and the above-mentioned standard task to this object.


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