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Procedure documentation Displaying a Guarantee  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

There are several ways of displaying a guarantee:

You can call up the document with which you posted the guarantee. This function is the same as the standard document display.

You can display the line items from the customer or vendor account. To do this, choose Account ® Display line items from the Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable menu.

On the initial screen, you specify the line items you want to display. For special G/L transactions, you choose With special G/L transactions. If you want to display guarantees only, proceed by choosing Selection criteria and then selecting Special G/L ind. from the field options. Bills of exchange are displayed in a separate column. Guarantees can also be identified by means of the posting key, the special G/L indicator and the category of the special G/L transaction.

You can call up the account to which the guarantees are posted automatically by choosing Account ® Display line items from the General Ledger menu.


You can find further information on displaying documents and line items in FI - Document Posting and in Account Balances and Line Items