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Background documentation Processing Guarantees in the SAP System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In the Financial Accounting application component, you use a special function to post guarantees. When you enter a guarantee, you merely enter the account assignments for posting to the customer or vendor account. The offsetting entry is always made to the same offsetting account, a clearing account. This is carried out by the system.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

This guarantee is posted to the following accounts:


       1.      You post a guarantee made to your customer’s account.

       2.      The system makes the offsetting entry automatically to a clearing account.

Transactions where the system always makes offsetting entries automatically to the same account are called statistical postings, since they are generally not displayed on the balance sheet or only in the appendix. For example, guarantees received are not displayed while guarantees made are displayed in the appendix of the balance sheet because of the liability to recourse.

You require the following to post guarantees:

        Separate special G/L accounts for guarantees made and guarantees received.

For more information, see Special G/L Accounts

        Clearing accounts for the offsetting entry

For more information, see Clearing Accounts

        Posting keys for the offsetting entry

These posting keys are already defined in the system.




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