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Procedure documentation Transfer Posting of a Down Payment After Paying a Closing Invoice  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To clear a down payment with a closing invoice partially or in total, carry out the following steps from the Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable menu:

  1. Choose Postings ® Down payment ® Clearing.
  2. Enter the document header data and the account number.
  3. The document number of the last posted invoice is suggested in the field Invoice no.. The reference to this invoice is stored in the down payment. This ensures that the line item with the down payment is cleared when the invoice is paid. You can change this field.

  4. Choose ENTER.
  5. The system generates a message that data has been copied from the invoice.
  6. Choose ENTER again.
  7. This confirms the message. The system displays the possible down payment items.

  8. Place your cursor on the down payment that you want to clear.
  9. If you want to clear a down payment in total, select the required down payment and choose ENTER.

    The system displays the amount to clear in the last column.

    If you want to clear partial amounts of the down payment, you must specify the partial amount in the last column. The system automatically activates the down payments that do not have a zero amount.

    If you enter a 0 in the amount column or deselect the down payment, you deactivate the down payment.

    After selecting the down payments that you want to clear with the invoice and entering any necessary partial amounts, you can post the document.

  10. Choose Document ® Post.