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When you enter a down payment, the system offers the following support:

The corresponding functions are offered in the screens for entering a down payment.

Four screens are available to enter a down payment. The first screen is the header screen. You can then enter down payment requests in the line item screen or select a down payment request in the selection screen. The overview screen displays all line items that have been entered. The following figure shows these screens together with the functions for entering a down payment.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The following functions are available in the screens:

You can enter further line items by selecting the following functions:

If you select this function, a line item screen prompts you to enter a new line item for the same customer or vendor account and with the same special G/L indicator. Choose Edit ® New item to add a new line item.

This function copies data from the previous line item. Choose Edit ® Copy item to copy a line item.

With the following functions, all of which can be accessed by choosing Goto from the menu bar, you can select a particular line item for display or correction. The functions are:

Goto ® First line item,
® Previous line item,
® Last line item,
® Selected line item and
® Next line item.

They are only active if you have already entered the corresponding line item.

Selecting Goto ® Document overview takes you to the overview screen. The system displays the line items entered to date or those created after requests were selected.

By choosing Edit ® Choose requests, you reach the selection screen for down payment requests. Here, you can select one or more down payment requests. Select one or more down payments by placing the cursor on the line item and choosing Edit ® Item on/off.

After you select one or more down payment requests, you can have the system generate down payment requests by choosing Edit ® Add down payment. You reach the overview screen.

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