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Procedure documentation Posting a Down Payment with a Down Payment Request  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To post a down payment made after a down payment request, you must select the request when you post the down payment. The system then only needs the data in the initial screen to make the posting. These include the vendor and bank account numbers, and the special G/L indicator. The system takes all other data, such as amount or tax code, from the down payment request. If you need to make any further specifications, the system offers you the down payment line item, after you have selected the function Post, so that you can make any necessary changes.


You have received and posted a down payment request from your vendor. When you make the down payment, you can then post it from the down payment request.

Post a down payment as follows:

  1. Choose Document entry ® Down payment ® Post.
  2. Enter the document header data, the customer or vendor account number, the special G/L indicator, the bank account number, and the amount.
  3. Entering the bank charges is optional. Your system configuration determines whether or not a value date is entered.

  4. Choose Edit ® Choose requests.
  5. The screen then shows all the down payment requests posted to this customer or vendor account. You can select one or more down payment requests.

  6. Position your cursor on the down payment request you require and choose Edit ® Item On/Off.
  7. The system marks the selected line item or deselects an item by removing the mark.

    You can now post the down payments from the selected down payment request (proceed from point 7) or add down payments manually (proceed from point 5).

  8. To add further down payments for which no request exists, first choose Edit ® Add down payments.
  9. The down payment items for the selected requests are automatically generated.

  10. In order to enter more items, continue by choosing Edit ® New item.
  11. Choose Document ® Post to post the down payments.

The system now posts the down payment amount to the customer or vendor account, the special G/L and the bank account. Any possible additional postings, for example tax or cash discount are carried out automatically by the system.

The selected down payment requests are automatically marked as cleared by the system.