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You can take down payments into consideration during the dunning run. When defining the dunning procedure, you must specify which down payment types are included in the dunning run. To do this, you specify the special G/L indicators for these down payment types. The dunning program treats a down payment received as a credit memo and reduces the receivables by the amount of the down payment.


You have issued the closing invoice for a receivable for which a down payment has been made. However, you do not want to transfer the down payment but you want the payment program to clear it. In this case, you do not want to print a dunning notice for the whole invoice amount, rather for the amount outstanding. To prevent this, you have the down payment taken into consideration for the dunning run.

Since down payments are only included in the dunning run in exceptional cases, each down payment item contains a field for the dunning block. The system sets this block automatically. The down payment also contains a due date field, which the system automatically fills with the document date. You can change these fields with the document change function.

If a down payment is to be taken into consideration for a dunning run, you must remove this dunning block and enter the date of the due date for net payment as the due date of the down payment.

You can also use the dunning program to remind customers of outstanding down payments. In this case, you must post a down payment request. This special document is used only by the dunning program to dun outstanding down payments. It does not update the transaction figures in the accounts.

For further information on down payment requests, see Down Payment Requests

Further information on the dunning program is contained in this documentation.

To include down payments in a dunning run, access Configuring the System Using the Implementation Guide and choose the activity Configure dunning program.