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Background documentation Special G/L Accounts for Down Payments  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Each down payment type is represented by a separate G/L indicator. The special G/L indicators displayed in the following table are used in the standard system

Special G/L Indicators for Down Payments in the Standard System


Down payment type


General down payment (made or received)


Down payment made on tangible fixed assets


Down payment made on intangible fixed assets


Down payment made on inventory stocks

You must create separate special G/L accounts for each down payment type. You can differentiate the down payment types further per consolidation or non-consolidation companies. Correspondingly, you need additional special G/L accounts.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The special G/L accounts determine which entry fields are contained in the screens for posting the different down payments and how you manage tax on down payments. Via the special G/L account for down payments to current assets, for example, you can suppress the fields for posting to fixed assets. Therefore, the entry screens are adapted exactly to the down payment type.

In particular, you use the down payment accounts to control