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Payment requests are noted items with which

        A complete or partial payment of parked invoices

        A partial payment of posted invoices

Can be initiated by the payment program.

You initiate the payment of a parked invoice if the invoice is correct as regards the invoice amount and the due date, but a posting has not yet taken place because the offsetting items are still to be determined. To avoid lost cash discounts, you pay before the invoice is posted.

You initiate the partial payment of an invoice if you agreed on several installment payments with the vendor.

Processing Payment Requests in the System

When entering a payment request, you specify the number of the invoice to which the payment should refer. Providing credit memos, partial payments, or other payment requests already exist for this invoice, the respective amounts are displayed in an overview. The remaining amount is proposed for the payment request. You can overwrite the amount as well as the other proposed data (payment method, house bank, and so on). Posting keys, special G/L indicators, and special G/L accounts for the posting are defined in the system and are not entered.

The payment request is taken into account by the payment program in exactly the same way as an invoice. The payment request is cleared after the payment run and a partial payment is posted to the vendor account or customer account for the respective invoice. If the invoice is paid in a later payment run, the respective partial payment is cleared automatically.



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