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Procedure documentation Correcting Line Items and Entering New Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you want to enter additional line items for the same customer or vendor, you enter further line items or copy the existing line item on the same entry screen. This is useful, for example, to make a down payment in several installments. To do this, use the functions New item and Copy item. In addition, you can cancel the line items or correct line items.

Start this function by choosing Edit ® New item. You stay in the entry screen where you can enter additional line items for the same customer or vendor. The tax code is suggested.

Start this function by choosing Edit ® Copy item. You can use this function if you have to enter several down payment requests for the same customer or vendor with the same details, for instance if the down payment is to be received in several partial amounts. The system copies the last entered line item with all details and displays the copied line item for correction. You may have to change the due date, for example, or the amount, if the installments are different.

If you do not want to add the last line item you entered, use this function to cancel it. The system displays all line items entered to date in the document overview. You can then decide whether you want to add any line items, or correct or post existing line items.

You can correct line items at any time before you post them. You can overwrite any entry in the current entry screen, with the exception of the account number, company code, posting key, and special G/L indicator. First, go into the document overview via the menu sequence Goto ® Document overview. Then select and change any line item entered to date.