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Procedure documentation Entering and Posting a Down Payment Request  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Choose Postings ® Down payment ® Request from the Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable menus. Enter the number of a customer or vendor account.

You enter customer down payment requests to:

You enter vendor down payment requests to make a down payment automatically using the payment program.


If you want to make a down payment in several installments, you must post a down payment request line item for each installment.

Depending on how your system is configured, some of the fields mentioned in this procedure may not be displayed on your entry screen. This depends on the system configuration for this company code. Fields for tax on sales or purchases, for example, may be suppressed if there is no such tax in your country.

To enter and post a down payment request, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Postings ® Down payment ® Request.
  2. Enter the document header data and the account number. You must also enter a target special G/L indicator in the field Trgt SG/L ind.
  3. The target special G/L indicator is the special G/L indicator for the down payment. It is required when creating a down payment from the down payment request. The system uses this indicator to determine the special G/L account to which down payments are posted.

  4. Choose ENTER .
  5. You reach a screen for entering line items.

  6. Enter one or more line items by entering the following data:
  7. - Amount

    Enter the down payment amount. If you post input tax in your country, note the following: Enter the amount gross or net depending on the procedure used in your company for displaying down payments in the current account and special G/L account (see Net or Gross Display of Down Payments).

    - Tax amount

    You can enter the tax amount manually or have the system calculate it. Enter * in the latter case. You can display the tax amount. Choose ENTER to do this.

    - Tax code

    The system requires the tax code to calculate or check the tax amount. For down payment requests from vendors, you enter an input tax code; for down payment requests for customers you enter an output tax code.

    - Due date

    The payment program uses the due date to determine when the down payment is to be paid. The dunning program needs this information to be able do dun the down payment.

    - Payment block

    If you want to prevent the payment program from paying a down payment from the down payment request, you enter a blocking indicator. The payment program can then make the down payment only after you remove the payment block.

    - Customer order

    When you make the down payment request, you can specify that the down payment is made for a particular customer order.

    - Additional account assignments

    Depending on your system configuration, you can specify in the down payment request that the down payment is made for a particular project, order, purchase order, or fixed asset.

  8. Post the down payment request by choosing Document ® Post.

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