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Background documentation Special Features of Down Payment Requests  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

When you post a down payment request, the system records a document which is not required for accounting purposes. The document is a noted item. Its function is to remind you to make a down payment. It does not update any debits and credits.

To enter a down payment request, you enter one or more line items in the customer or vendor account without an offsetting entry. Consequently, the system does not check whether the debits equal the credits.

In addition to the line items for the down payment request, the document will also contain tax amounts if the down payment is subject to tax. The tax is posted when you post the down payment.

Down payment requests do not update the monthly debits and credits in customer or vendor accounts.

When you post a down payment request, the system records the line item in a special G/L account. You use this account to get an overview of all the down payments that need to be made.

The system notes the accounts which contain down payment requests. It assigns the document number of the down payment request to these accounts in an index table. The following diagram illustrates this process in Accounts Payable:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text